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I have been so excited about this book! I finally got my hands on it the day after it’s release.
Everything Sweet is the second book by Alex Hoffler & Stacey O’Gorman, also know as the Meringue Girls. Their first book, simply named the Meringue Girls cookbook, is filled with their signature bake, you guessed it, meringues! They’ve made this incredibly sweet treat trendy again.

Everything sweet, however, covers gifts, cakes, desserts and a whole host of ideas to decorate your own sweet delights!


Every page is filled with amazing recipes and beautiful photographs in a rainbow of colours.

I couldn’t wait to try out the recipes, the first one I went for was the white chocolate and Oreo pyramids.
They state in the recipe that you can use any shape or type of chocolate mould; you can even use a silicone ice cube tray! I purchased a silicone chocolate pyramid mould from Amazon as I wanted to create them just like in the book.



They colour white chocolate using oil based food colouring. I used chocolate candy melts in a variety of colours and discovered that you can create other colours by combining the candy melts together. I also used gel food colourings that worked really well.

Basically,  you melt the chocolate or candy melts, pour some into the base of your mould, add a sprinkling of Oreo’s (whizzed into fine crumbs in the blender) then pour more chocolate on top and smooth over. Leave to set for about an hour before turning out your shiny little pyramids.

You don’t need to stop at filling with Oreo’s though! You can use freeze dried fruits such as strawberries & raspberries and I’m sure you could create stripy pyramids by layering up the different colours in the moulds.

The candy melts made them really sweet, so I’m definitely going to try using a good quality white chocolate when I make them next time.

Here are the ones I created:


They turned out really well and would look pretty wrapped up in cellophane and given as gifts.

I’m looking forward to baking more of the recipes from this book and recommend you go out and purchase a copy! Fabulous Book! x

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