Zillionaire Brownies

Chocolate brownies have to be one of my favourite treats to bake as they are so versatile! You can bake them plain or add chocolate chips, nuts or cherries. They are perfect served warm with a scoop of Cornish vanilla ice cream for dessert and are also delicious if you add toppings before slicing into […]

Salted Caramel & Rolo Chocolate Brownies

Do you love anyone enough to give them the last slice of this Rolo brownie? I’ve been wanting to share more recipes, using a basic base such as brownies, cookies and tray bakes, adding popular chocolate treats & biscuits. I’ve already created delicious Jammy Dodger Bakewell Blondies in my last recipe post. In this post […]

Valentines Day Brownies

It’s a week exactly until Valentines Day! In case you want to bake something scrummy and chocolatey for your loved ones, here is a recipe for delicious chocolate brownies. These are really simple to make and can be left plain or decorated with any decorations to suit any occasion. I usually bake these when I […]